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关于更多促销配套详情,请拨打热线询问 65696992 张小姐 81606622  / 黄小姐 81606655
或即刻发送电邮至 [email protected] 

What is the first thing that awakens your senses when you walked into a cafe? The aromatic smell of freshly grinded coffee beans or the calming scent of therapeutic tea? Enjoy a cuppa with PartyMojo! Our professional barista will brew you a cup of coffee made from freshly roasted coffee beans or the most exquisite cup of tea at your next event!

Barista Coffee & Tea Station

What is included?

  • 2 Professional Baristas
  • Coffee beans & a selection of tea (more info in FAQ)
  • Coffee brewing machines
  • Paper cups with complimentary branding stamped in black (1 design)
  • Delivery, setup and teardown
Hours Barista Coffee & Tea Station
2 Hours $680
3 Hours $1350
4 Hours $1600
Subsequent $225

*Delivery surcharge of $55 is applicable for Changi, Tuas, Jurong Island and Sentosa

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What’s included in PartyMojo’s coffee station?
Coffee brewing machines, 2 professional barista, coffee beans & tea, cups with branding, delivery and setup!

What kind of coffee can you make?
Espresso, Long Black, Flat White, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte and Cafe Mocha

What is the selection of tea?
Ceylon Tea, Rose Tea, Acai Berry & Pomegranate Tea, Green Tea

I want Iced Coffee and/or Iced Tea, can I add on?
Yes! Enquire with us to find out more!

My event is longer than 4 hours. Can I book for longer hours?
Yes! For subsequent hours after 4 hours, it will be $225 per hour and the baristas can serve up to 80 servings.

What’s required from me if I hire PartyMojo’s Premium Coffee Station with Barista?
Simply provide us with a table and 3-pin power points and we’re good to go! No table? No worries! We provide table rental at $20 each!

What goes well with PartyMojo’s Premium Coffee Station with Barista?
Glad that you asked! Our premium coffee goes well with Premium Donut Wall Station, Rainbow Cheese Toast Station, Churros Station and Retro Biscuits Station

How many servings can you make?
– 2 hours: Serves up to 100 – 150 drinks
– 3 hours: Serves up to 300 drinks
– 4 hours: Serves up to 380 drinks
– Sub hours: 80 servings per hour

I need to cater to more people in 2 hours, can you do it?
No problem! We can cater to as many people as you want in the hour. This can be done so by adding more stations and manpower! Simply call or email to enquire with your event details and you will get a quotation within a day!

Barista Coffee Live Station Gallery

Christmas Barista Coffee Station

The Perfect Combination!

The aromatic coffee brings along a touch of fancy bitterness that enhances the flavour of something sweet afterwards. We absolutely love our coffee live station along with some Churros and Rainbow Cheese Toast Live Station! Here are some recommendations for the best combination for the perfect morning or afternoon!

Coffee at your events!

It’s almost cliche at any buffet or formal function or event to have the waiter ask you if you would like coffee or tea to go with your meal. That shows how indispensable coffee is as a basic beverage at most events. Put your trust in PartyMojo as we bring the hipster “cafe” to your guests at your next event! Our barista will brew quality lattes and teas on the spot with professional coffee machines just like the ones you can find in cafes!

How is coffee served?

The coffee and tea will be prepared on the spot! The coffee will be brewed on the spot to offer a good quality blend of roast and coffee to achieve that excellent cup of coffee. As for the tea, tea bags will be soaked in hot water to really bring out the aromatic flavour. In addition, you get to stamp on your company logo or any design of your choice on the paper cups to make your event even more unforgettable! Please note that the logo is only available in black.

What coffee and tea selections do you offer?

We all have that standard signature coffee that we go to and even the barista or cashier somehow remembers our order. Be ensured that the guests’ signature coffee can be found from our list! Our barista will brew on the spot this top picks: Espresso, Long Black, Flat White, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte and Cafe Mocha. As for the tea, guests can pick from the many selections! We provide Ceylon Tea, Rose Tea, Green Tea, Acai Berry & Pomegranate Tea.

Fun fact about coffee!

Forget about what Asian parents say about coffee stunting growth or numbing your senses. The largest study to date has concluded that regularly drinking coffee could significantly lower the risk of death and that’s great news for all you coffee lovers out there! If coffee makes you happy, just get it! Shouldn’t you be celebrating by catering coffee for your next event? Well, we’ve heard your call and our coffee stations are here for you! Enquire with PartyMojo today at 6569 6992 or 6569 6998 about catering coffee for your event!


在PartyMojo,我们确保客人始终以正确的价格支付优质的服务。 以下是我们公司客户和生日客户选择PartyMojo作为其选择的5大原因:

  • 喜悦的策划师
    除了组织个人聚会以及公司活动之外,我们同样致力于提供欢乐的体验。 在每个过程中提取快乐。

  • MOJO 配方
    Mojo 公式 = 概念 + 详情 + 执行

  • 专业精神

  • MOJO 团队

  • 品质与口味

MOJO 团队背后的魔力

  • 优质实惠的服务

  • 多合一活动策划

  • 快速响应时间

  • 季节性促销

  • 专业销售团队

  • 经过专业培训的员工

  • 超过70个趣味小食站

  • 充满乐趣的主题配套

  • 现金/支票/信用卡付款

  • BizSafeNEA认证

  • 30天内付款

  • GIRO



  • 所有报价均为新元(SGD),并含7%的消费税。
  • 对于非企业/私人:支付给PartyMojo Pte Ltd100%付款,作为确认活动的押金。
  • 对于企业:发票上带有组织印章的背书以确认事件。
  • 任何设备的破损和损坏将由客户全部承担。
  • 以下场地需加收$ 30的交通运输附加费:樟宜,大士,圣淘沙,草坪城市。
  • 所有支票均应支付给PARTYMOJO PTE LTD
  • 可以通过银行转账付款到:DBS current Acc 003-932293-3分行代码:7171-003
  • PartyMojo现在接受PayNow!可以在已开具发票的底部找到QR码。
  • 在付款到期日之后,每月将产生2%的滞纳金。


  • 活动推迟只能在活动开始前5个工作日完成。
  • 推迟活动将收取100150新元(SGD)的附加费,视情况而定。
  • 否则,客户可以选择取消活动,并没收已付的定金。
  • 如果在活动时间之前5个工作日以上取消预订,则活动费用的50%。
  • 如果在活动时间前5个工作日取消,则活动费用为100%。


  • PartyMojo员工将不会在布置时间内负责布置客户自己的装饰。
  • PartyMojo工作人员将不会对任何包装气球装饰的拆除所承担任何责任。
  • PartyMojo对清理活动/聚会客人造成的任何垃圾与损坏不承担任何责任。
  • 如果客户口头上辱骂我们的任何员工,PartyMojo保留立即停止聚会的权利。 如果客户的客人口头辱骂PartyMojo员工,PartyMojo员工会立即通知客户。 如果辱骂没有停止,PartyMojo保留立即退出活动的权利。