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Home/中文 (中国)/星空大战主题派对

关于更多促销配套详情,请拨打热线询问 65696992 张小姐 81606622  / 黄小姐 81606655
或即刻发送电邮至 [email protected] 

 The Force is strong with this one! PartyMojo is psyched to make our pitch in bringing you one of our latest offers … wait for it … the Star Wars Inspired Theme Party Package! This highly recommended costume party is the very one you and your kids should pick if you guys are a big fan of the Star Wars creatures! Dress your kids up, and watch their little friends come in equally funky costumes, to your party! Get together, eat, play, laugh and be merry in your out-of-the-world party, and may the force be with you!

Price: $1600 NOW $950

No of staffs: 4

Duration: 2 Hrs Only

No of Pax: 20 Kids


– Star Wars Inspired scene setter for photo taking with fun props provided!

– 50 Gold & Black air-filled balloons around the room!

– Table cloth for cake cutting!

– Pair of Gold & Black balloon column! (Approximately 1.6M tall!)

*PartyMojo Team will arrive 1 – 1.5 Hrs prior to the party to decorate, depending on the venue.

party music


– Rental of Mini Bluetooth Speaker for 2 Hrs! (Do note that the bluetooth speaker is suitable for normal sized function rooms / home usage. For lager area like hotel function rooms / restaurants, please use their existing sound system. Otherwise, talk to us to hire our professional sound system for outdoor areas / large function venues!)

– Huge selection of songs from our party playlist!

– Brings out the party atmosphere!

mosaic crowns

3. Star Wars Inspired Cloak for all kids

– Star Wars Inspired cloaks given out to all kids!

– Kids get to bring ’em home! How exciting!


– 1 x Spacewars mascot of your choice

– 1 hr of mascot appearance! (Darth Vader or Jedi Master)

– Meet and greet and photo taking with the guests!

– Assist the game host during games session!


– 1 Hr of balloon sculpting!

– Ask our balloonists for starwars balloons!

– Adults can request for them too!

– Talk to us to change this to other activity! (Hair braiding / glitter tattoo)

face painting


– 2 hour of premium face OR arms painting for everyone to liven up the event!

– Adults can request to get ’em too!

– We use only toxic free facepaint from UK!

– Talk to us to change this to other activity! (Glitter tattoo / Hair braiding)


– 45 mins of fun and AWESOME games with our Party Hosts!

– Choice of 5 games to be played! (Potato Sack, parachute game, limbo, tag game and MANY MORE!!)

– All game props and music provided!

– 3 game prizes will be given to winners!


– How can a party missed out goodie boxes? Delight the kids with Mojo Goodie Boxes for all the kids!

– Each goodie box includes a Mini Mojo Pouch, Facial Towel and an adorable Mojo Plushie!

– If you wish to add some of your own goodies in the boxes, simply pass the gifts to our staffs before the party.

– Goodie bags may change without prior notice. Please check with our party planners for more info!


– We will gather all the guests and host the cake cutting ceremony for you!

– We will play the Happy Birthday Song! Talk to us if you have special birthday song to be played at the party!


– Leave the hassle and stress to us!

– PartyMojo crew will arrive 1 – 1.5 Hrs in advance to set up the decorations for this party!


– CALL: 81606622 / 65696992

– EMAIL: [email protected] / [email protected]



book partymojo

每添加一个儿童,补充$ 8

book partymojo

专业摄影服务:$280 (2小时),$400(3小时)

book partymojo


book partymojo

定制布条:$125; 定制布景:$180

book partymojo

魔术表演:$400 (原价:$480)





Theme Decoration Upgrade

Want more than just the classic theme decorations of standard cloth backdrop and balloon columns?? We heard you! PartyMojo now offers a new range of decoration upgrades for your theme party with 3 options; DELUXE, GRAND and ELEGANCE!

Whyfore the Galaxy?

Highly inspired by the latest Star Wars craze that is spreading across the universe, PartyMojo opens the New Year with our latest Galaxy Theme Party Package! The Galaxy Theme Party Package will no doubt be the deal most sought after, for parties by fans of Star Wars movies! With little ones (and even mommies and daddies) all dressed up in Yoda ears and Skywalker robes, it is most definitely the best party to be hosting and attending! Are you captivated yet?

The Galaxy Explains

It’s real and it’s here! PartyMojo’s Spacewars Theme Party Package promises an all-inclusive package of decorations, fringe activities, engaging games, party mascot and even Starwars inspired themed goodie boxes for all guests! If you’re going for indoor parties, or anywhere from the comfort of your home, in function rooms, cafes, to even restaurants, the Star Wars Inspired Theme Party Package is ready to accommodate! You’re having an outdoor party in mind, in your backyard, or out of the universe into the galaxy? Let us know! PartyMojo actualizes your ideal party anywhere that offers us a wall to put our Bricks themed backdrop on. Send us a sign from the stars!

In the Galaxy

Of the Stars and Planets

Prior to the party, PartyMojo’s team will arrive 2 hours in advance to set up your venue with our out of the world PartyMojo Galaxy Party Backdrop as a scene setter. Our 3 by 2 metres Star Wars Inspired Party Backdrop is so wondrous, your pictures will turn out out of this world! PartyMojo also provides 2 Star Wars Inspired themed balloon columns that are approximately 1.6 metres in height, as well as 50 air filled balloons to surround your room in colours of the galaxy! We also dress your cake-cutting table with a disposable tablecloth! It does not end there! We also provide cloaks to shine through your special day!

Sounds of the Galaxy

PartyMojo surrounds your party with the sounds of the Galaxy! For a full 2 hours of party time, we provide music that airs from a Bluetooth music player suitable for normal-sized function rooms or home usage, to bring the force to your party! If your party will be held in a larger area, inform our operational staff, so that they can connect PartyMojo’s exclusive music to the sound system, with proper authorization. Yet, if you would like a deejay for the Galaxy party, contact our staff early so we can provide you with our very own professional Mojo musicians and sound system! Call us today!

Space Wars Gifts

After all that fun and games, PartyMojo promises that no one walks out of the Galaxy with nothing in hands! PartyMojo gives out Starwars Inspired themed goodie boxes that consists of fun goodies! That is absolutely out of the world!

Gotta Blast!

It gets even more exciting with the fringe activities available in the Star Wars Inspired theme Package! For a full hour, you can choose between these two: Having your creative hands go at PartyMojo’s exclusive Hamma Beads making! Make a Yoda or Princess Amidala out of the beads, guided by none other than Party Mojo’s Art Teachers! And what’s best is you get to take the Hamma Beads pieces home! Another option is to have one full hour of Premium Face Painting by PartyMojo’s face paint experts! Be the Star Wars character you’ve always wanted to be this birthday!

The Galaxy Games

For a full 45 minutes, enjoy Star Wars Inspired themed games and more, during your one and only exclusive Galaxy Party! You get to choose 5 out of our endless variety of fun games provided, to be played during this time! Among the most popular games are Potato Sack, the Parachute Game, the Limbo, and the Tag Game! All of the games props and music will be provided as well! For games prizes, Star Wars Inspired themed goodie bags will be given to all participating kids, but if you’re the best 3 TOP players of the party, you stand a chance to win 3 top prizes by PartyMojo!

May the Force be with You

And for the final curtain – PartyMojo’s Star Wars Inspired Themed Kids Party Package presents~ The  Mascot! Float in space with the excitement of this out of the world mascot that you won’t want to miss a chance with! Parents! This is the time to take fabulous pictures of your children (and also yourselves) with the special guest appearance of character! You won’t regret this moment! Call PartyMojo to arrange your party with us!

Cake of the Universe

PartyMojo’s crew will also hold your Galaxy cake cutting ceremony with you and your birthday boy or girl! We provide a Happy Birthday song over our available speaker, or if you prefer something else, do talk to our Mojo Operators to arrange for this momentous time of your child’s life! After all, we all want to have a Happy birthday, don’t we?

Think you want more?

Maybe you want more than what PartyMojo offers in the Galaxy Theme Party Package, maybe you want something more. You may customize our package as you wish, and your wish will be our command! More fun activities to have in the Galaxy Theme Party await you! If your little one is the artsy-fartsy fancy type, you may choose from a series of activities like arts and crafts, and many more! Other available custom-made items include Galaxy themed dessert table, banners, invitations, backdrops, and everything you can think of! You name it, and we’ll have it!

How do I get this?

Simply write in to us or give us a call to discuss. Provide us with your event date, time, and place so we can tentatively save a slot for you. Tell us the name of your little Stars, so we can put a note for our event staff to pay special attention to him or her! Let us know your budget, so we can better suggest to you the activities you can add on for the Bricks Theme Party Package. Can’t visualise the party through phone conversation and emails? Simply call in to book an appointment with us for a free consultation at our office!

Why PartyMojo?

PartyMojo ensures the best quality of services for every aspect of the party. Our friendly sales staffs are well trained and experienced in Party planning and would give you professional ideas and advices to plan your party. Our operational team consists of a group of innovative, motivated and vibrant people to ensure that your party runs smoothly, at the same time explodes with heaps of fun! We have a unique training system for each and single one of our on-site event staffs to ensure that you and your guests would only receive the best of the best services. Not convinced? Check out our positive reviews on our homepage and Facebook page.


在PartyMojo,我们确保客人始终以正确的价格支付优质的服务。 以下是我们公司客户和生日客户选择PartyMojo作为其选择的5大原因:

  • 喜悦的策划师
    除了组织个人聚会以及公司活动之外,我们同样致力于提供欢乐的体验。 在每个过程中提取快乐。

  • MOJO 配方
    Mojo 公式 = 概念 + 详情 + 执行

  • 专业精神

  • MOJO 团队

  • 品质与口味

MOJO 团队背后的魔力

  • 优质实惠的服务

  • 多合一活动策划

  • 快速响应时间

  • 季节性促销

  • 专业销售团队

  • 经过专业培训的员工

  • 超过70个趣味小食站

  • 充满乐趣的主题配套

  • 现金/支票/信用卡付款

  • BizSafeNEA认证

  • 30天内付款

  • GIRO



  • 所有报价均为新元(SGD),并含7%的消费税。
  • 对于非企业/私人:支付给PartyMojo Pte Ltd100%付款,作为确认活动的押金。
  • 对于企业:发票上带有组织印章的背书以确认事件。
  • 任何设备的破损和损坏将由客户全部承担。
  • 以下场地需加收$ 30的交通运输附加费:樟宜,大士,圣淘沙,草坪城市。
  • 所有支票均应支付给PARTYMOJO PTE LTD
  • 可以通过银行转账付款到:DBS current Acc 003-932293-3分行代码:7171-003
  • PartyMojo现在接受PayNow!可以在已开具发票的底部找到QR码。
  • 在付款到期日之后,每月将产生2%的滞纳金。


  • 活动推迟只能在活动开始前5个工作日完成。
  • 推迟活动将收取100150新元(SGD)的附加费,视情况而定。
  • 否则,客户可以选择取消活动,并没收已付的定金。
  • 如果在活动时间之前5个工作日以上取消预订,则活动费用的50%。
  • 如果在活动时间前5个工作日取消,则活动费用为100%。


  • 派对时长最多为2个小时,活动前的2个小时布置时间除外。
  • PartyMojo员工将不会在布置时间内负责布置客户自己的装饰。
  • PartyMojo工作人员将不会对任何包装气球装饰的拆除所承担任何责任。
  • PartyMojo对清理活动/聚会客人造成的任何垃圾与损坏不承担任何责任。
  • 如果客户口头上辱骂我们的任何员工,PartyMojo保留立即停止聚会的权利。 如果客户的客人口头辱骂PartyMojo员工,PartyMojo员工会立即通知客户。 如果辱骂没有停止,PartyMojo保留立即退出活动的权利。