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Fries Live food station

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Fries Live food station2023-10-02T10:08:03+00:00

Contact our PartyMojo office at 65696992 or Jason 90021778 / Yolanda 81606622 to enquire now! Drop us a quick email at [email protected] today for your very own fries live station!

Exercise? I said “Extra Fries”! Nope, you are not mistaken! PartyMojo returns with a new crinkle – we meant twinkle! Introducing the Live Fries Station! PartyMojo’s Live Fries Station offers hot and crispy crunchy French fries that comes in a variety of all your favourite seasonings and flavours! The Live Fries Station serves hot and fresh Mojo-riginal Fries, Truffle Fries, the world’s all-time favourite Cheese Fries, Seaweed Fries for a touch of oishii~, Chili Fries and also, the Secret Sprinkle Fries that we are absolutely excited to surprise you with! You would never ask for a better station for your party. Get PartyMojo’s Live Fries Station today!

french fries station

French Fries

truffles fries station

Truffle Fries

cheese fries station

Cheese Fries

chilli fries station

Chilli Fries

seaweed fries station

Seaweed Fries

special fries station

Special Ah Ma Recipe

French Fries Station

french fries station

Truffle Fries Station

truffle fries station

Cheese Fries Station

cheese fries station

Chilli Fries Station

chilli fries station

Seaweed Fries Station

seaweed fries station

The Mojo behind Mojo Team

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  • Net 30 credit available

Fries station at your events!

PartyMojo’s Live Fries Station is perfect for any occasion, be it a special private party for friends and family, or large-scale events involving tens and even hundreds of guests, such as CC and RC events, even corporate family day events as well as roadshows! We always go beyond, out of the box, and into the wild, just for you! Besides our fantastic fries, PartyMojo also does masking of machines and brand packaging of your own design! Now your guests can fill up and be enlightened with brand awareness at the same time. Out with the sweets and the conventional snacks; make way for the new, long-awaited darling all-flavoured fries! Be the first to have PartyMojo’s Live Fries Station at your event today! Sit back and relax while your guests have at PartyMojo’s fresh, fabulous and fearless fries, only at your event!

How is our Fries served

PartyMojo’s Live Fries Station serves freshly-fried French Fries on the spot! Enjoy hot, crispy tasty tempting fries generously topped with an abundant of only the best flavoured toppings of your choice between the Mojo-riginal fries, Truffle fries, Cheese fries, Seaweed fries, Chili fries or the Secret Sprinkle fries! Each respective station will be manned by one (1) manpower to serve you and your guests! More manpower can be requested (at charge) for crowd control.

Why fries live station at your private event / family day?

When you think of fries, glorious fries, you think comfort food. Fries are the best home-based snack to share with friends, family and all your loved ones. Share the warmth, share the fries and share the love! PartyMojo’s Live Fries Station is the best choice for your private event, party, and family day! Share our variety of flavor toppings on the fries with only the best people who deserve your love! It’s #friesforeva for the fam and friends!

Why Fries live station at road shows / public event?

Whether it’s a professional corporate event, casual road show, neighbourhood RC and CC event, fun and friendly family day for the company, the answer to it all is PartyMojo’s Live Fries Station! Everybody loves a little cheat day, a little more crispy tender potato, and a whole load of yumminess topped with a variety of flavours! Serve your guests only the best of deals, don’t compromise! Surround them with blowing entertainment and fantastic food, and there you have a successful event (then comes the pay raise – PartyMojo does not guarantee this)! Jokes aside, put a name on the brand, put a smile on their faces, and your guests are sure to be back!

Fun Fact about Fries!

Fun Fries Fact: French fries is actually Belgian! Yup! We said it! How it came to be called French fries is yet another mystery to be uncovered, but meanwhile, pamper yourself with the diverse variety of fries from PartyMojo’s Live Fries Station, where you want it, when you want it because happiness is having that tall, blonde and gorgeous… fries in your mouth!