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Home/中文 (中国)/美吉姆幼儿生日派对
MyGym Toddler Birthday Package


拨打热线 65696992 或联系 Yolanda 81606622 了解更多详情! 向下滑动鼠标一览更多精彩!

原价$1200 现在只要 $880 

工作人员: 4 位

活动时间: 2 小时

宝宝人数: 20 位

MyGym Party Venue

1. 会场布置

– 2小时使用美吉姆“美术角落”的专属时间
– 可以从遍布新加坡的五个分店里任选一个(宏茂桥,City Square商场、裕廊东West Gate商场、马林百列、淡滨尼)
– 1对铝箔气球柱
– 4束气球花束
– 包括布置和清理
– 允许带入外部餐饮


  1. 星期四             -宏茂桥+City Square商场
  2. 星期五             -裕廊东+马林百列
  3. 星期六             -宏茂桥+City Square商场+裕廊东+马林百列+淡滨尼
  4. 星期日             -裕廊东+马林百列


MyGym Invitation cards

2. 定制电子邀请卡片

– 为每位客人们设计的专属电子邀请卡片

safari themed face paint

3. 高级脸部彩绘或特制气球

– 1小时的高级脸部彩绘 或 特指气球活动!

– 成年人也可以参加!

– 我们只用从英国进口的无毒颜料!

Gymnastics Parties

4. 唱歌、跳舞、运动!还有木偶戏!

– 美吉姆将组织孩子们进行1小时的专属活动!

– 为您的孩子特别设计的庆祝活动!如果您有想要特别加入的歌曲和游戏,请在派对前联系我们!

– 游戏,运动,太空旅行,木偶戏…更多精彩生日活动由专业派对达人为您献上!

– 经验丰富的美吉姆指导员将会绝佳地处理所有事情!

– 每个月都会有新加入的项目和游戏,联系我们了解更多!

partymojo birthday packages

5. 切蛋糕仪式

– 我们将聚集所有客人,然后为您主持切蛋糕仪式!

– 我们将播放生日快乐歌!您也可以提前向我们申请换成其他您喜欢的歌曲!

– 我们会给您提供打火机!

partymojo the kids party planner delivery and set up

6. 所有布置和运输全包!

– 请让我们为您分忧解难!

– 派对盟主团队将提前一个半小时进入会场为派对进行装扮!

7. 最简单方便的预订!!

– 热线电话: 90021778

– 电子邮件: [email protected]/[email protected]



kids gymnastics party
princess theme birthday party singapore
Kids Gym Session Singapore


princess theme birthday party singapore


princess theme birthday party singapore


princess theme birthday party singapore

自定布条:$125; 自定布景:$180

princess theme birthday party singapore


princess theme birthday party singapore

专业摄影服务:$280 (2小时),$400(3小时)

Terms and conditions

All prices stated are subjected to 7% gst, unless otherwise stated
All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the event
Breakage and damages to any equipments will be charged to customer accordingly.
All cheques are made payable to PARTYMOJO PTE LTD.
Deposit can be made via bank transfer to DBS current Acc 003-932293-3 Branch code: 7171-003

All prices are strictly fixed and non-negotiable.
A transport surcharge of $30 is applicable for inaccessible venues like Changi, Tuas, Sentosa, Turf city.
The balance 50% payment is to be made in cash strictly on event day before the start of event.
In the event that cash payment cannot be prepared before the start of event, 100% full payment should be made to PartyMojo 3 working days prior to the event.
50% Deposit will be forfeited upon cancellation of event, 100% full payment will be required if the event was cancelled within 2 working days to the event.
Postponing of event is subjected to a $100 surcharge, subjected to availability, otherwise, client can choose to cancel the event and deposit paid will be forfeited.
Postponing of event can only be done 2 working days prior to the party.

Party is for 20 kids only, for extra kids, please top up $15 / kid to receive the goodie bags and tiaras/crowns. Clients are advised to top up for additional kids to avoid disappointment.
Duration of party is maximum 2 hours, excluding set up time.
For extension of total event time which requires PartyMojo staffs to stay on the event, not including extension charges of services, it is charged at $30 – $50 / 30 mins for extensions told to us 5 working days in advance, subjected to availability.
Extension of games: $100 for 30 mins
Extension of face painting: $80 for 30 mins, $100 for 60 mins
Extension of balloon sculpting: $80 for 30 mins, $120 for 60 mins
Extension of backdrop rental: $30 for 30 mins
Extension of event time / activities are solely subjected to partymojo’s availability.
Extension prices are strictly non-negotiable.
Total set up time for the packages will strictly be for 1 – 1.5 hrs only, in which PartyMojo staffs will be putting up the 50 non-helium balloon decoration, backdrop, balloon columns, tiaras and crowns, table cloth, goodie bags. PartyMojo staffs will not be responsible for putting up client’s own decoration during set up time.

In the case that PartyMojo has to add on an extra manpower due to special request, it is chargeable at $50/hr.
For extension of services, please check with PartyMojo sales team the extension charges applicable.
PartyMojo will not be responsible for teardown of balloon decorations for any packages.
PartyMojo will not be liable for cleaning up of any mess created by the activities / party guests.

Terms & Conditions:

* Party services & decorations done by PartyMojo

* Absolutely no spray can be used & cleaning, no pinata is allowed

* Birthday parties can be extended for another hour at the cost of $150 (usual price: $200)

* Additional pax can be added @ $15/pax

* Guest list have to be provided 3 days prior to event, will forward you the template later on

* Please notify us 1 week prior to event if there is catering coming in

* Everyone is required to wear socks to enter carpeted area of the Gym for hygiene purposes

* Parents participation is required for children below 3 years old

* Bookings subject to availability