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About Us

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About PartyMojo

PartyMojo is the leading kids events company in Singapore, having successfully executing over 3000 kids events since 2014. We pride ourselves on providing a personal touch that is unrivalled with our dedicated team and an inventory of services that will make your event planning process as stress-free as possible. Notable clients of PartyMojo includes Barclays Bank, Walt Disney Singapore, Google Asia Pacific, various government organisations like Temasek Board, Changi Airport Group Singapore and the Housing and Development Board and many more.

Our Story

Back in 2013, Christie was tasked with planning the first birthday party for her friend’s daughter when she realised that it was not easy getting prices and quick confirmation from the kids party industry. On the day of the party, the entertainer was uncontactable causing undue stress to Christie and host. Eventually, he did arrived, much to the relief of the anticipating guests. Christie saw the significant problem and thus PartyMojo was formed.

Together with her partner Jason Lee, they founded PartyMojo in 2014 based on three strict ground rules – consistency, transparency and punctuality.

Implementing these ground rules was an uphill task during its early years, but the appreciative responses from the pioneer batch of customers fuelled the team forward. Today, PartyMojo is proud to deliver over 3000 events successfully and will continue to deliver the best event experience for our customers.

Our Core Values

  • Consistency – Customers will expect to receive high level of consistency of services from PartyMojo at any stage of their event planning
  • Transparency – No surprises, no last minute charges that will bust your budget. All costs are stated up front.
  • Punctuality – We aim to be punctual 99% of the time.

Proud to be an active sponsors for:

UN women committee
Children Cancer Foundation
Make a Wish Logo

The Mojo Behind Mojo Team

  • Quality, Affordable Service

  • Dedicated Sales Team

  • Fast Response Quote (FRQ)

  • Clear, Concise Packages

  • Passionate, Kids-friendly Staff

  • Professional Trained Magicians

  • All-inclusive Themed Packages

  • All in one planner

  • Cash/Cheque/Credit Card Payment

  • GeBiz Ready

  • GIRO set up

  • Net 30 credit available