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Nautical Themed Party Package2023-03-01T13:25:19+00:00

Contact our PartyMojo office at 65696992 or Sales 81606655 / Yolanda 81606622 to enquire now! Drop us a quick email at [email protected] today for your very own Nautical Themed Party!

We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, out in the sea~ If you’re drowning to plan for an on-board theme kids party, call PartyMojo, your Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy to the rescue! …or not… But fret not! Our latest Nautical Theme Party Package is exactly the Kids Party Package you are looking for! From little sailor hats to a WALKING LAND SHARK to BEWARE of, throw your little captains the best birthday party of their lives! Call PartyMojo today, for an exciting Nautical Theme Kids Birthday Party. Put out your tanning mat, lay back and relax, while we cook up the seafood for you! Have a bubblin’ time now!

Price: $1600 NOW $950

No of staffs: 4

Duration: 2 Hrs Only

No of Pax: 20 Kids

nautical themed backdrop


-2 Hours rental of 3M (width) x 2M (height) Nautical scene setter for photo taking!!

– 50 blue and white air-filled balloons around the room!

– Pair of Nautical themed Blue and White Balloon column! (Approximately 1.6M tall!)

*PartyMojo Team will arrive 1 – 1.5 Hrs prior to the party to decorate, depending on the venue.

party music


– Rental of Mini Bluetooth Speaker for 2 Hrs! (Do note that the bluetooth speaker is suitable for normal sized function rooms / home usage. For lager area like hotel function rooms / restaurants, please use their existing sound system. Otherwise, talk to us to hire our professional sound system for outdoor areas / large function venues!)

– Huge selection of songs from our party playlist!

– Brings out the party atmosphere!

nautical themed birthday party singapore


– Sailor Hats given out to all the kids!

– Kids get to bring ’em home! How exciting!

balloon sculpting singapore


– 1 Hr of balloon sculpting!

– Ask our balloonists for themed balloon sculptures!

– Adults can request for them too!

– Talk to us to change this to other activity! (Hair braiding / glitter tattoo)

face painting



– 2 hour of premium face OR arms painting for everyone to liven up the event!

– Adults can request to get ’em too!

– We use only toxic free facepaint from UK!

– Talk to us to change this to other activity! (Glitter tattoo / Hair braiding)


– 45 mins of fun and AWESOME games with our Party Hosts!

– Choice of 5 games to be played! (Potato Sack, parachute game, limbo, tag game and MANY MORE!!)

– All game props and music provided!

– 3 game prizes will be given to winners!


– How can a party missed out goodie boxes? Delight the kids with Mojo Goodie Boxes for all the kids!

– Each goodie box includes a Mini Mojo Pouch, Facial Towel and an adorable Mojo Plushie!

– If you wish to add some of your own goodies in the boxes, simply pass the gifts to our staffs before the party.

– Goodie bags may change without prior notice. Please check with our party planners for more info!

cake cutting cermeony


– We will gather all the guests and host the cake cutting ceremony for you!

– We will play the Happy Birthday Song! Talk to us if you have special birthday song to be played at the party!



– Leave the hassle and stress to us!

– PartyMojo crew will arrive 1 – 1.5 Hrs in advance to set up the decorations for this party!


– CALL: 81606622 / 65696992

– EMAIL: [email protected] / [email protected]


Send us your enquiry

    Add – Ons

    book partymojo

    Additional Pax: $15 / Pax

    book partymojo

    Photography services: 2 hours for $350 and 3 hours for $480.

    book partymojo

    Helium Arch: $120 / Arch (U.P:$150)

    book partymojo

    Customised Banner: $150, Customised Backdrop: $250

    book partymojo

    Magical Concert Show: $400 (U.P:$450)

    book partymojo

    Top up $100 for a themed piñata

    Themed Dessert Table Package

    Customized goodie bags are priced at $15

    Bouncy Castle: From $205

    Theme Decoration Upgrade

    Want more than just the classic theme decorations of standard cloth backdrop and balloon columns?? We heard you! PartyMojo now offers a new range of decoration upgrades for your theme party with 3 options; DELUXE, GRAND and ELEGANCE!

    Why Choose PartyMojo

    Want to know more?

    Bubblin’ Because…

    Everybody wants a piece of the blue sea sometimes. PartyMojo’s Underwater Theme Kids Party is every reason you should have this exclusive bluish party for your little one. Compiling all your favourite underwater wonders and entertainment, PartyMojo proudly brings the exclusive Underwater Theme Kids Party to your doorstep! Have little sailors running around your ship, sing songs of the sea, and have a smooth sailing party!

    Whozits and Whatsits Galore

    PartyMojo’s Underwater Theme Kids Party is all-inclusive! Over a 2-hour party session, we promise you a package bursting with only the best deals for your nautical themed party! PartyMojo’s Underwater Theme Kids Party comprises of decorations, fringe activities, engaging games, party mascot and even Nautical themed goodie boxes for all guests! For indoor parties, or anywhere in the comfort of your sail-home, in function rooms, cafes, to even restaurants, the Nautical Theme Party Package will accommodate! Even if you chose an outdoor setting such as the backyard, we’ll be good to set sail! PartyMojo actualizes your ideal party as long as the venue offers us a wall to put our Nautical themed backdrop on. For a reasonable price, and with 4 Mojo Marine Crew to run the party, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the sail!

    Unearthing the Treasure

    All aboard!

    Before we set sail, our Mojo Marine crew will set your ship up in only the best decors in the ocean! PartyMojo provides a complete nautical decoration comprising of a 2 by 3 metres ‘Sail Away’ scene setter, with 50 blue and white air filled balloons to fill your ship! But that’s not all, we dress your cake cutting table in our special Mojo table cloth! In addition to that, we build you a pair of Nautical themed Blue and White balloon columns that stand up to approx. 1.6 metres tall! Tell ius how you’d l;ike your party because your wish is our command!

    The Earworms

    Specially for our Nautical themed Kids Party Package, PartyMojo leaves no dancefloor empty! For a full 2-hour party time, we melodiously paint your party with the songs of the sea! There is music from a Bluetooth music player suitable for normal-sized function rooms or home usage. However, if your party is out in the sea in a larger area, inform our operational staff, so that they can connect PartyMojo’s exclusive music to the sound system, with proper authorization. Fancy a nauty deejay at the party? Speak to our Mojo Marine crew for arrangements today!

    Captain Little

    As soon as you come on board, every little captain will be given a Sailor hat as a little door gift that they will eventually get to take home! These hats are unrivalled and unique, specially produced by PartyMojo’s in-house designers, exclusively for the Nautical Theme Kids Birthday Party Package! Get one, and get your little guests one of these hats each!

    Snappin’ Jaws!

    The hats are not all, when you get your hands on PartyMojo’s Nautical Kids Theme Party Package, you’re in for a snappin’ time with none other than PartyMojo’s one and only Cute Shark Mascot! For one full hour, have a fun, snapping time (if you know what we mean) with our all-time favourite, Cute Shark Mascot, specially assigned to our Nautical Theme Kids Birthday Party Package! This is your chance to snap adorable pictures of your children! Not only that, PartyMojo’s Cute Shark Mascot will be hosting the games session alongside our Mojo Marine Games Host! How exciting is that?! Before this Cute Shark runs out for your party date, call PartyMojo now, because, better be safe than sorry!

    Nauty Balloons?

    To add on more awesomeness to the Nautical Theme Kids Birthday Party Package, PartyMojo provides our best-favourite party activity, the Balloon Sculpting! For one full hour, PartyMojo’s expert Balloon Sculptor will entertain you by making Balloon Sculptures of your choice! Ask for a little fish, a big fish, a star fish, and aks for themed or non-themed balloons and you’ll get them all! Needless to say, these balloons come in multi-colours to amplify joy in your event! If you wish to have a different activity such as hair braiding or glitter tattoo, please feel free to contact our Mojo Sales today.

    You Sharkface!

    …or what you wish! Get your faces (and/or arms) painted by PartyMojo’s professional face painters when you get the Nautical Theme Kids birthday Party today! Our artists are extremely talented, they will paint any requested design on you for not one, but TWO full hours! And wait! This activity is not only for kids but for the adults too (for when you spot Mr Krabs)! PartyMojo only uses toxic-free body paint directly flown from the UK, and is safe on the skin. This is too good a deal to miss! Face Painting will be in apace with other activities while the party lasts.

    If Nautical Nonsense be Something You Wish…

    Alas what is a Kids Birthday Party without your fun and games? For 45 wondrous minutes, indulge yourselves in the most exciting fun and awesome time, the Nautical Games Time! You get to choose 5 games from PartyMojo’s wondrous list of exhilarating games, such as the Potato Sack, the Parachute, the Limbo, Tag Game and many, many more! Music as well as game props would be your last worry, because we have them all! Call PartyMojo now, and if you have your own designated games for the party, let us know!

    Big and Small, Prizes, Prizes, Prizes for ALL!

    And for participating in PartyMojo’s awesome games, all you little sailors and crew will receive little goodie prizes! Isn’t that amazing? You would not want to miss the games time during this party! But the best is yet to come! Specially for 3 Mojo winners, we reward 3 big prizes for being Games champions! Everyone is a winner at the end of the day, so let’s all have fun!

    Cakes and Corals

    And the best treasure found at a party is none other than the cutting of the cake! Our Mojo Marine Crew will gather all your guests around the littlr Birthday Captain for cake cutting. We will provide the Happy Birthday Song over our sound system, unless you have your own, then let us know! After all the fun and merry, the Nautical Theme Kids Birthday Party is definitely one never to be forgotten!

    Think you want more?

    Do you love PartyMojo offers in the Nautical Theme Kids Birthday Party Package? Or maybe you want something more? You may customize our package as you wish! Ay Ay, Captain! We will grant it! More fun activities to have in the Nautical Theme Party await you! If your little one is the artsy-fartsy fancy type, you may choose from a series of activities like arts and crafts, and many more! Other available custom-made items include Nautical themed dessert table, banners, invitations, backdrops, and everything you can think of! You name it, and we’ll have it!

    How do I get this?

    Simply write in to us or give us a call to discuss. Provide us with your event date, time, and place so we can tentatively save a slot for you. Tell us the name of your Little Captains, so we can put a note for our event staff to pay special attention to him or her! Let us know your budget, so we can better suggest to you the activities you can add on for the Nautical Theme Party Package. Can’t visualise the party through phone conversation and emails? Simply call in to book an appointment with us for a free consultation at our office!

    Terms & Conditions

    Payment & Extension Terms

    • All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are subjected to 8% GST.
    • A 100% full payment is required to confirm the booking.
    • Breakage and damages to any equipments will be charged to client accordingly.
    • A transport surcharge of $30 is applicable for the following venues: Changi, Tuas, Sentosa, Turf city.
    • All cheques are made payable to PARTYMOJO PTE LTD.
    • Payment can be made via bank transfer to: DBS current Acc 003-932293-3 Branch code: 7171-003.
    • PartyMojo now accepts PayNow! The QR Code can be found at the bottom of the invoice issued.
    • Extension of Games: $100 for 30 mins
    • Extension of Face Painting: $80 for 30 mins, $100 for 60 mins
    • Extension of Balloon Sculpting: $80 for 30 mins, $120 for 60 mins
    • Extension of Backdrop Rental: $30 for 30 mins
    • Extension of Mojo Staffs: $30 – $50 for 30 mins
    • Extensions are solely subjected to PartyMojo’s availability and are strictly not negotiable.

    Postpone & Cancellations

    • Postponing of event can only be done 5 working days prior to the event.
    • Postponing of event is subjected to a $100 – $150 surcharge, subjected to availability.
    • 50% of invoice charges if cancellation is made more than 5 working days before event time.
    • 100% of invoice charges if cancellation is made 5 working days before event time.

    Other Party Terms

    • Duration of the party is a maximum of 2 hours, excluding 2 hours for set up before the event.
    • PartyMojo staffs will not be responsible for putting up the client’s own decoration during set up time.
    • PartyMojo staffs will not be responsible for the teardown of balloon decorations for any packages.
    • PartyMojo will not be liable for cleaning up of any mess created by the activities/party guests.
    • PartyMojo reserves the right to cease the party immediately if the client verbally abuses any of our staffs. In the event that the client’s guest verbally abuses a PartyMojo staff, PartyMojo staff will inform the client immediately. If the abuse does not cease, PartyMojo reserves the right to leave the event immediately.