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/Sand Art Party
Sand Art Party 2018-07-03T02:57:20+00:00

Call 65696992 or 81606622 / 81606655 to enquire now!

  • Sand Art Party

SandArt Party Package

Duration: 2 hrs
Manpower: 2

– 50 Air filled (non – helium) balloons
– 60 Mins of Sand Art session
– Sand art
– 45 Mins of fun and games with prizes for all kids
– Party Music
– Hosting of cake cutting

Price: $498

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Please read on to find out more about the package!

Set up

PartyMojo Team will arrive 60 mins prior to the start of the event for set up, which includes of the following:
– Pumping up of 50 Air filled balloons
– Sticking up of the balloons with foam tapes on the wall
– Setting up of SandArt materials
– Items required from client: 1 x powerpoint, tables, table cloth (optional) to place the art and craft materials,

Please choose TWO colours from the following:

balloon colours

Art and Craft Activity

PartyMojo Team will be setting up the sand art materials on the designated table for art and craft session. Don’t have a table? Don’t worry! Tables and chairs are available for hire for only a $120 top up for 20 kids (4 round Ikea tables and 20 Ikea kiddy chairs).

Fun and Games

Fun and games will usually be played at the second segment of the party after art and craft. We do not want to miss out any late kids! We play different games suited for different age groups.Please talk to us to see the list of games!

PartyMojo Team will be providing prizes for the games, consisting of mojo goodies packed in small goodie bags. If you are unsure of which games are suitable for the age group of kids attending, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email to enquire!

Party Music

Music will be played for a total duration of 2 hours. We use portable music speaker which will be good enough for normal condo function rooms. However, for outdoor areas or a large function area do enquire with us for the hire of professional sound system.

Please choose ONE genre of music:

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.08.10 pm

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Games will be followed promptly by the Cake Cutting Ceremony where our team will gather everyone for the singing of birthday song.

Additional Kids

This package caters to 20 kids only. For additional kids, please top up $15 / kid. This will entitle the additional kid to:
– Sand Art set
– Fun and games
– Game prize
If you do not wish to top up for additional kid, he/she will still be entitled to join in for fun and games, but not for other activities.


Children learn lots of transferable skills and benefits such as concentration, creativity, colour awarenesss, imagination and lots more.  SandArt also learns them how to plan and complete a project, so why not add this fun and educational activity in you party!


Children use their concentrating skills by focusing on peeling the different pre-cut areas of the picture cards, pouring sand over the adhesive area ensuring complete coverage.  I have seen on many occasions how children loose themselves in the concentration and imagination process. Children you wouldn’t think enjoy the experience.

Planning / Creativity / Logical Thinking / Colour Awareness

Children start to use their thinking, planning and decision making skills from the time they choose which picture they would like to turn into their masterpiece.   They start by planing which section to peel off first, paying attention to details thinking which colours to use depending on the picture they have chosen.  With the 21 colours of sands available, children can become more creative by using different colours together and creating different effects with the coloured sand on the same areas. Their creativity is limitless.


When developing their picture they think positively about their creation having a real sense of self-expression and achievement and a sense of pride as their picture continues to develop giving them lots of confidence.


Children improve their imagination through confidence and creativity.  After they have chosen their picture they then decide what coloured sand to use on each section, they use their imagination as the picture comes alive always thinking about the colours they use and the finished product.  Children use their imagination in different ways no two pictures are the same.

You can use techniques such shading putting different colours together giving a fantastic finished product.

Fine Motor Skills / Hand Eye Co-ordination

Children use their motor skills / hand-eye co-ordination whilst peeling the different pre-cut areas of the picture card.  They pour sand over the picture by squeezing the bottle of sand over the area of revealed adhesive making sure no white areas are left uncovered. These skills are used by deciding which areas are best next to peel off and colour.

Educational, Team Building, Corporate Workshops

Why we use sand bottles and trays, because you can direct the sand exactly where needed which saves a lot of sand being wasted, it is collected in trays which can then be put back into the bottles using the brush & funnel provided saving your sand for more pictures.

Building relationships, problem solving skills, Communication, Identifies strengths and weaknesses, Sense of satisfaction, boosts morale and many more skills

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My guests are below the age of 4, is the art and craft package suitable?

Yes definitely! However, parental guidance are required for aged 4 and below for the art and craft session! For younger kids, we would recommend if games are changed to other fringe activities such as face painting, glitter tattoo and so on!

Is a top up required to change fun and games to other activities?

This is dependant on which activities you would like to change it to. Simply enquire with us to find out more! We will be able to give you more suggestions based on the crowd and age group!

Can I have a mixture of different art and craft activities within the 20 pax? E.g. 10 Sand Art and 10 scratch art?

Yes no problem! Simply check with us if any additional charge is applicable, this will be dependent on the activity you choose!

Can we have the art and craft session and games concurrently?

We do not recommend this as 2 manpower will be provided for this package. Thus, it would be better if the activities are hold consecutively  so that our staffs are able to have a better control of the kids and a better organisation of the party!

Furthermore, it would be better if the party starts with the art and craft session where the early birds can start the craft activity while waiting for their friends to arrive!

We do not have 20 kids attending our party, will you be able to provide us with a discounted price?

The package is up to 20 kids, if you have a few lesser kids coming, the price will remain but we will definitely give you the unused art and craft materials! It is also good to prepare a few extras in case the little ones bring their siblings along!

However, if you have a very small group of less than 10 kids, we will be able to give a little discount on the package. Simply call / email us to enquire!

I have more than 20 kids attending the party, can you cater to that?

Yes we do! Simply top up $15 for every additional kid attending so everyone can enjoy the activities!

I have more than 20 children attending but I do not wish to top up for additional kids. Is it possible?

No problem at all! You can still order the package for 20 pax, however, we can only provide art and craft materials and game prizes for 20 pax. All the kids are still welcomed to join in for the games!

I have 20 kids attending but I’m not sure if more will turn up! Can PartyMojo bring extra art and craft sets so that we can top up on the event itself if more kids turn up?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do that as it will be hard for us to monitor the number of kids turning up on the event day. Thus, clients are required to order the extra sets in advance.

My venue doesn’t have kids tables and chairs, can I rent them for the art and craft session from PartyMojo?

Yes! Simply top up $120 for 4 tables and 20 chairs!

I would like a customised package

No problem at all! Our sales team are all well trained and experienced event planners! Simply enquire with us today and we will work with you to organise an awesome event!

I want to book! How do I go about?

Simply click on the buttons below and we will get back to you shortly!

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Please read our terms and conditions carefully before making a booking:

  • All prices stated are before 7% GST, unless otherwise stated
  • 50% Deposit is required for booking of all events
  • Parental supervision is required for kids aged 4 and below.
  • Set up is strictly 60 mins prior to the start of the event. In the event that PartyMojo team is required to arrive earlier, it will be chargeable at $30 per 30 mins
  • PartyMojo team will only be responsible for setting up of decoration and art materials stated in the invoice and will not be obliged to put up any decorations or settings provided by the client.
  • Duration of party is maximum 2 hours, excluding set up time. For extension of total event duration, not including extension charges of services, it is charged at $40 / 30 mins for extensions told to us 5 working days in advance. For last minute extension, it is charged at $50 / 30 mins, subjected to availability.  For last minute extension of total event time, it should be told to us at least 1 hour prior to the event end time.
  • PartyMojo staffs will not be liable for cleaning up of any mess created by the activities / party guests.
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