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About Henna

Henna is not only historical and cultural, it is also immensely beautiful. And best of all? It’s not permanent but it can last for days. Henna is not only a draw for children, but adults adore it too! Henna’s timeless elegance means that it can complement any outfit and go well with any look. Indulge in traditional body art with us at your party!

Price & Packages

First hour – S$120/-
Subsequent hour – S$100/-

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What are the colors available?

Natural Henna colour (dark or light brown depending on how it sets on your skin).

How long will the henna tattos last?

They will last between 5 – 14 days depending on your daily activities! If you exercise and use body scrub more, it will last shorter.

Is it painful?

Our henna artist uses all natural henna that is harmless to skin and henna tattoo is absolutely painless!

How many people can get their henna tattoos in an hour?

Roughly about 10-12 kids in an hour, each henna takes around 3 – 5 mins to draw. However, if you have more kids with limited hours, you can always request for simpler designs to be drawn. :) Our professional henna artists can draw simple designs like flowers/ butterflies at lightning fast speed of 1 – 2 mins / design!

Why choose PartyMojo for Henna service?

Experienced, Professional, Young and Lively Henna Tattoo Artist.

We offer services for all sorts of events from Wedding, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Fund Raising Events, Carnivals, Corporate Events, to kids parties and so on!

A wide range of mehndi or kids designs to choose from!

Service at your event at affordable price!

What are the extension charges?

Extension charges are at S100/hr

Ok, I want it! How can I go about booking it?

Thank you! Book us here at or give us a call at 65696992 or 83997127 :)

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