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Mid Autumn Event Promotion 20232023-08-03T11:42:32+00:00
virtual mid autumn singapore

Plan your first physical Mid Autumn Festival in 2 years with Partymojo! Choose from a variety of food stations, performances, workshops and fringe activities, enquire with us today at 65696992 or 81606655 to enquire now! Or drop us an email at [email protected] today!

Mid-Autumn Festival Food Stations

When you think of Mid-Autumn, do you also think of Mooncakes? Food definitely plays an important role in our Mid-autumn celebrations! With so many iconic delicacies that we indulge in, PartyMojo have specially prepared several food stations that will complement your Mid-Autumn celebrations! We hope that with these food stations, you get to keep your tummy happy as you look at the glorious full moon during Mid-Autumn!

Want more food station options? Click HERE for our full range of food stations and click the buttons below now to enquire!

Tutu Kueh

Muah Chee

Malt Candy

Ding Ding Tang Candy

Popcorn & Candy Floss

Traditional Ice Cream Cart

Mid Autumn Carnival Game booths

Mid-Autumn Feed the Rabbit Game

Feed the Rabbit

Virtual Live Animal magic show

Shoot Nine Suns

Mid-Autumn Games Booth Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Mid-Autumn Games Booth Harvest Time

Topple The Tree

Mid Autumn Craft Booths

Mid autumn lantern

Paper Lantern Making

Pax Price
50 pax $500
Additional $8 per pax
Fan Making Booth

Fan Making Workshop

Pax Price
50 pax $700
Additional $12 per pax
animal lantern workshop

Animal Lantern Craft Station

Pax Price
50 pax $700
Additional $12 per pax
Hand Puppet workshop

Hand Puppet Workshop

Pax Price
50 pax $700
Additional $12 per pax

Mid Autumn Performances

virtual mid autumn story telling

Chang E Story Telling

Be immersed in the fantasty story of how Chang E achieve her immortality from drinking the exilir of immortality and escaped to the moon.

Virtual Live Animal magic show

Live Animal Show

Astounding and stupefying, our Live Animal Magic show is bound to confound viewers regardless of what age group they fall in! Be amused by the Magician’s comedic antics and be amazed watching the live birds or bunnies make their appearance.

virtual mid autumn si chuan bian lian

Si Chuan Bian Lian

Catch a rare performance of the secretive “Face-changing” Si Chuan Opera this Mid Autumn! Legend has it that the world fastest camera could not even capture how the trick was done!

virtual mid autumn si chuan bian lian

Fire Eating Performance

Experience the mesmerizing art of fire-eating like never before! Witness the fearless mastery of fire manipulation and be enthralled by the dancing flames. Prepare to be amazed at this unforgettable spectacle, where danger meets artistry. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this blazing adventure!

Chinese Dance

Chinese Dance

Experience the enchantment of Chinese dance at our Mid-Autumn event, where ancient traditions and graceful movements come alive under the radiant moon. Join us for a celestial celebration of culture and unity.

Wu Shu Performance

Wu Shu Performance

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing display of martial arts, where skilled performers demonstrate the harmony between mind, body, and nature. Join us for an unforgettable evening of cultural celebration and extraordinary feats!

Traditional Mid-Autumn Activities

Did you know? Lantern riddles are a traditional way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival! Open your eyes to the beauty of the Chinese language and culture and try to solve our riddles! Lantern Riddles Booth contains 48 riddles where 32 riddles are in Mandarin and 16 in English.

No. of players: Single

How To Play: Solve the Chinese Riddles tied to a lantern! Think you got the answer? Check with the game master for the answer!

Logistics Required: At least 3M x 3M space with 3M height.

Manpower: 1 game master included!

Corporate Mid Autumn Festival Workshop

Mid Autumn workshop

DIY your own finger puppet based on your creativity.

Mid Autumn workshop

The virtual bunny felt plushie workshop is a form of art therapy for teams to bond and have fun, a perfect workshop for any occassions.

lantern making workshop

Learn to make your own lantern and place it within your house for Mid Autumn Festival celebration.

Mooncake making workshop

Learn to make your own moon cake and send it as a gift for Mid Autumn Festival celebration.

cookie decorating workshop

Learn to make your own Mid-Autumn Themed Cookie and send it as a gift for Mid Autumn Festival celebration.

Nagomi Art Workshop

An art healing workshop originating from Japan, this workshop creates beautiful pieces of Mid Autumn Theme Art works.

Mid Autumn Care Pack

National day carepack
National day carepack
National day carepack
National day carepack

Send us your Mid Autumn Event enquiry

    Our Corporate Clients

    corporate care packs

    Mid-Autumn Event Gallery

    *Delivery surcharge of $55 is applicable for Changi, Tuas, Jurong Island and Sentosa.

    If you’re holding a large-scale event unsure of how many machines to rent, PartyMojo is here to your rescue! With over 30 in-house Machine Stations and a huge team of Mojo SuperStaffs, no more stress! PartyMojo offers a huge discount for long hours of Machine Station rentals!