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Racing Car Themed Birthday Party2020-03-19T03:26:15+00:00

Contact our PartyMojo office at 65696992 or Sales 81606655 / Yolanda 81606622 to enquire now! Drop us a quick email at today for your very own Racing Car Themed Birthday Party!

What better way to show your boys that you love and treasure them by making their dream come true with PartyMojo! Every little boy has a little car racer within them. We have the exclusive digital slot car racing installed for your little boy on his special day! Let them have the adrenaline rush and excitement during their special day!

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kids birthday party package singapore

Car Racing Theme Party

Our goal is to make your party planning effortless! All you need to do is tell us the following information:

1) When is your party happening
2) Where is your party venue
3) What are your item of interest
4) Number of kids

and leave the rest to us! We will ensure that your theme party runs smoothly and maximum fun!

Please note that Team Mojo setup crew will arrive 2 hours before the party for set up!

Price: $ 1970 $950 

No of staffs: 4

Duration: 2 Hrs Only

No of Pax: 20 Kids

princess themed backdrop


– 2 Hours Rental of 3M (width) x 2M (height) Racing Car scene setter for photo taking!

– 50 decorative red and black air-filled balloons around the room!

– Pair of Red and Black 1.6M tall Balloon column! (Talk to us to change the colours of the balloon colours)

*PartyMojo Team will require the venue for 2 hours for set up

car slot racing singapore


A fun yet easy to operate racing game! Let your kids compete with each other and challenge their personal best timing!

– 1.5 Hours Digital Slot Car Racing
– 9m Track Length
– 2 x Digital Cars
– 2 x Digital Controllers
– 1 x Digital Track Set
– 1 x Track Marshal On-site
– Professional Set up of 3m x 1.8m car racing table (space required – 4m x 3m)

party music


– Rental of Mini Bluetooth Speaker for 2 Hrs! (Do note that the bluetooth speaker is suitable for normal sized function rooms / home usage. For lager area like hotel function rooms / restaurants, please use their existing sound system. Otherwise, talk to us to hire our professional sound system for outdoor areas / large function venues!)

– Huge selection of songs from our party playlist!

– Brings out the party atmosphere!

balloon sculpting for kids party singapore


– 1 Hr of Free flow of Fun Balloon sculpting!

– Ask our professional balloon sculptors for anything!

– Adults can request for them too!

– Talk to us to change this to other activity! (Hair braiding / glitter tattoo)

face painting


– 1 hour of premium car racing face painting OR glitter tattoo for everyone to liven up the event!

– Adults can request to get ’em too!

– We use only toxic free facepaint from UK!

– Talk to us to change this to other activity! (Hair braiding)


– How can a party missed out goodie boxes? Delight the kids with Mojo Goodie Boxes for all the kids!

– Each goodie box includes a Mini Mojo Pouch, Facial Towel and an adorable Mojo Plushie!

– If you wish to add some of your own goodies in the boxes, simply pass the gifts to our staffs before the party.

– Goodie bags may change without prior notice. Please check with our party planners for more info!

car racing theme birthday party singapore


– We will gather all the guests and host the cake cutting ceremony for you!

– We will play the Happy Birthday Song! Talk to us if you have special birthday song to be played at the party!


– Leave the hassle and stress to us!

– PartyMojo crew will arrive 2 Hrs in advance to set up the decorations for this party!


– CALL: 8160 6622 / 6569 6992



Book now


  1. Disinfection of party room before party starts of common reachable areas such as tables, chairs and doorknobs!
  2. Manpower to conduct temperature screening and guiding guest on the filling up the e-declaration forms. Declaration forms will record down the temperature, travel history for the last 14 days, name and contact number.
  3. Guests with a temperature lower than 37.5°C will be provided with a green sticker. In the case that guests have a temperature higher than 37.5°C, they will be asked to cool down for 10mins or be asked to return home for safety precaution.
  4. Hand sanitiser for guests to use before entering the party!

Client to provide:

  • A picture of the room for our sales to advice the price.
  • 1 table and 1 chair for the temperature taking.


For 30 minutes, the party host will educate the kids on good personal hyigene in a fun and interesting manner with experiments, activities and songs!

  1. Glitter Germ Experiment – The experiment will involve the kids pouring glitter into a dish filled with water (the glitter will represent the “germs”) and next, they will pour a small amount of soap into the dish and excitingly witness how quickly the glitter disperse away from the soap!
  2. 7 Steps of Hand Washing Activity – The host will teach them on the proper 7 Steps of Hand Washing techniques on dry hands while playing a handwashing song to further enhance their learning journey. Please note that the kids handwashing activity will be conducted without water and soap. Unless there is a water point readily available within the facility.
  3. Understanding Bath Hygiene – This activity will teach the kids about the importance of bath hygiene in a fun manner! Our host will point out the different body parts to scrub eg. armpit, back of knees, feet etc and the kids will be asked to practise along with the game host!

Car Racing Add-Ons

car racing theme birthday party singapore

The Onslaught (1:32 Digital Proportional RC Truck): $59.90

car racing theme birthday party singapore

The Vortex (1:18 Scale Digital Proportional RC Buggy):$135

car racing theme birthday party singapore

1:32 Scale Analog Slot Car Starter Kit (Includes: 2 x Analog Cars, 2 x Analog Remote Controls, Up to 5m Length Mixed Race Track Pieces ): $400.00

book partymojo

Additional Pax: $15 / Pax

book partymojo

Photography services: 2 hours for $280 and 3 hours for $400.

book partymojo

Helium Arch: $80 / Arch (U.P:$100)

book partymojo

Customised Banner: $125, Customised Backdrop: $180

book partymojo

Magical Concert Show: $380 (U.P:$480)

book partymojo

Top up $100 for a themed piñata

book partymojo

Customised Fondant Cake: From $250

Customized goodie bags are priced at $5 – $10.

Bouncy Castle: From $165

Theme Decoration Upgrade

Want more than just the classic theme decorations of standard cloth backdrop and balloon columns?? We heard you! PartyMojo now offers a new range of decoration upgrades for your theme party with 3 options; DELUXE, GRAND and ELEGANCE!

Top 5 reasons why choose PartyMojo!

At PartyMojo, we ensure our customers are always paying the right price for the right quality. Here are the Top 5 Reasons why our corporate clients and birthday guests chose PartyMojo as their choice:

  • Architect of Joy
    Beyond organising personal parties and corporate events, we compose happy experiences. Drawing out the Fun in every Function.

  • Mojo Formula
    We compose joy through full-scale event planning and management following the formula.
    Mojo Formula = Ideation + Detailing + Execution

  • Professionalism
    About all, we are guided by our belief system to be prompt, responsible, responsible and always reliable.

  • Team Mojo
    All Mojo manpower undergo strict screenings and practical training before they are assigned to a job post to equip them with product knowledge and good service.

  • Quality & Taste
    We select nothing but the top ingredients and guarantee to excite your tastebuds!

The mojo behind Mojo Team

  • Quality & Affordable Services

  • All-in-1 Event Planner

  • Fast Response Time

  • Seasonal Promotions

  • Dedicated Sales Team

  • Professionally Trained Staff

  • More Than 70 Live Food Stations

  • Fun Filled Themed Packages

  • Cash / Cheque / Credit Card Payments

  • BizSafe & NEA Qualified

  • Net 30 Credit Available

  • GIRO Set Up

Want to know more?

All about the Car Racing Party Package 

The car racing themed party package by PartyMojo is an all inclusive package, consisting of car racing themed decoration,digital car slot racing, fringe activities and even car racing themed party goodie boxes for all! It’s suitable for parties in the house, function rooms, cafes, restaurants or anywhere you can think of as long as the venue offers us a wall for us to stick our car racing themed backdrop! Our team will arrive 2 hours in advance to decoration your event venue with our special PartyMojo Car Racing Party Backdrop, a pair of balloon columns and 50 air filled decorative balloons around your function room! We will even bring a disposable table cloth for your cake cutting table. The total duration of the party is 2 hours with non-stop fun filled programmes! The highlight of the party would be the digital slot car racing that your kids can race against each other! There would be an automatic timer at the track to record the lapsed timing so they can compete with each other! There will also be awesome fringe activities going on which would be the face painting and balloon sculpting as the party guests arrives. There’s even car racing themed goodie boxes specially designed by PartyMojo’s in-house designer to be given out to all the kids! PartyMojo crew will gather everyone for cake cutting.

Why Car Racing Party?

There’s bound to be a car racer within every boy’s heart, racing in their favourite cars. PartyMojo can make your little boy’s dream come true, so wait no more and book with us today! The one and only party that brings a racing track to your party! Let your kids join in the fun and have a “speedy” party!

Fun activities to add on for Car Racing Party

If you think that our basic car racing themed package is not enough for your awesome grand party, not to worry! We can customise any packages according to your needs. Some fun to have activities in a car racing themed party would air brush tattoo or art and craft activities! Other customisable items includes car racing themed dessert table, banners, invitations, backdrops, and everything you can think of! 

How to book the Car Racing themed package with PartyMojo?

Simply write in to us or give us a call to discuss. Provide us with your event date, time, venue so we can tentatively pre-block a slot for you. Tell us your little princess’s name so we can put a note for our event staff to pay special attention to her! Let us know your budget so we can better suggest you the activities you can add on for the car racing themed package. Tell us your boy’s idea of a dream car racing themed party so we can make his dream come true. Can’t visualise the party through phone conversation and emails? Simply call in to book an appointment with us for a free consultation at our office! 🙂

How do I know that PartyMojo is the right choice for my Car Racing Themed Party?

PartyMojo ensures the best quality of services for every aspect of the party. Our friendly sales staffs are well trained and experienced in Party planning and would give you professional ideas to craft your party. Our operational team consists of a group of innovative, motivated people to ensure that your party runs smoothly. We have a unique training system for each and single one of our on-site event staffs to ensure that you and your guests would only receive the best of the best service. Not convinced? Check out our positive reviews on our homepage and Facebook page.

Terms & Conditions

Payment & Extension Terms

  • All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are subjected to 7% GST.
  • A 100% full payment is required to confirm the booking.
  • Breakage and damages to any equipments will be charged to client accordingly.
  • A transport surcharge of $30 is applicable for the following venues: Changi, Tuas, Sentosa, Turf city.
  • All cheques are made payable to PARTYMOJO PTE LTD.
  • Payment can be made via bank transfer to: DBS current Acc 003-932293-3 Branch code: 7171-003.
  • PartyMojo now accepts PayNow! The QR Code can be found at the bottom of the invoice issued.
  • Extension of Games: $100 for 30 mins
  • Extension of Face Painting: $80 for 30 mins, $100 for 60 mins
  • Extension of Balloon Sculpting: $80 for 30 mins, $120 for 60 mins
  • Extension of Backdrop Rental: $30 for 30 mins
  • Extension of Mojo Staffs: $30 – $50 for 30 mins
  • Extensions are solely subjected to PartyMojo’s availability and are strictly not negotiable.

Postpone & Cancellations

  • Postponing of event can only be done 5 working days prior to the event.
  • Postponing of event is subjected to a $100 – $150 surcharge, subjected to availability.
  • 50% of invoice charges if cancellation is made more than 5 working days before event time.
  • 100% of invoice charges if cancellation is made 5 working days before event time.

Other Party Terms

  • Duration of the party is a maximum of 2 hours, excluding 2 hours for set up before the event.
  • PartyMojo staffs will not be responsible for putting up the client’s own decoration during set up time.
  • PartyMojo staffs will not be responsible for the teardown of balloon decorations for any packages.
  • PartyMojo will not be liable for cleaning up of any mess created by the activities/party guests.
  • PartyMojo reserves the right to cease the party immediately if the client verbally abuses any of our staffs. In the event that the client’s guest verbally abuses a PartyMojo staff, PartyMojo staff will inform the client immediately. If the abuse does not cease, PartyMojo reserves the right to leave the event immediately.