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Lion Dance2023-11-27T04:59:01+00:00

Ignite your event with the electrifying tradition of Lion Dance! 🦁🎉 A symbol of luck and prosperity, this captivating performance adds a vibrant touch to your celebration. The rhythmic beats of drums, the vibrant colors of the lion, and the skilled maneuvers create an atmosphere filled with energy and excitement. Whether it’s a cultural festival, corporate gathering, or special occasion, the Lion Dance promises to enchant and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Elevate your event with this dynamic and auspicious spectacle that brings good fortune and joy to all! 🥁🎊

Feel free to reach out to our friendly sales person at 81606655 or 65696992 today for our CNY Performances and Activities today, or email to [email protected] to send in your enquiries!

lion dance

Transform your event into a spectacle of luck and joy with the mesmerizing tradition of Lion Dance! 🦁🎉 As the vibrant lion comes to life, adorned in auspicious colors, the rhythmic beats of drums and cymbals echo through the air, creating an atmosphere charged with positive energy. The skilled performers bring the lion to dance and interact, symbolizing the chase away of evil spirits and the ushering in of good fortune. Perfect for weddings, grand openings, or cultural celebrations, the Lion Dance adds a dynamic and unforgettable element to your occasion. Elevate your event with this captivating display that not only entertains but also invokes the spirit of prosperity and happiness! 🥁🌟

Feel free to reach out for pricing details and to secure your booking—we’re here to make your event stress-free! ✨📞

Contact our friendly sales person at 81606655 or 65696992 today for our CNY Performances and Activities, or email to [email protected] to send in your enquiries!

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    Immerse your event in the captivating allure of the Lion Dance, an ancient tradition that weaves together skill, symbolism, and vibrant spectacle. 🦁🎉 As the rhythmic beats of drums echo and the colorful lion comes to life, the dance unfolds with precision and grace. The performance symbolizes not only luck and prosperity but also the triumph over negativity, creating an atmosphere filled with positivity and joy. Each movement, accompanied by the sounds of traditional instruments, tells a story of tradition and celebration, making the Lion Dance a truly mesmerizing experience for any occasion. Elevate your event with this dynamic display that engages the senses and leaves a lasting impression on your guests! 🎊🥁

    What is the Lion Dance and its cultural significance?

    🦁 The Lion Dance is a traditional performance symbolizing luck, prosperity, and the warding off of evil spirits. It holds cultural significance in various Asian communities, often performed during festive occasions.

    How long is the Lion Dance performance? 

    ⏰ The duration of a Lion Dance performance is customizable, ranging from 10 to 20 minutes to suit the event’s preferences and needs. Pricing starts from $888.

    What does the Lion Dance symbolize in traditional Chinese culture?

    🐾 The Lion Dance symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and the dispelling of negative energy. The dance is believed to bring positive vibes and blessings to the event and its attendees.

    Is the Lion Dance suitable for both indoor and outdoor events? 

    🏞️ Yes, the Lion Dance is versatile and can be performed in various settings, including both indoor and outdoor venues, adding a festive and dynamic touch to any location!

    Can the Lion Dance be combined with other cultural performances for a diverse event? 

    🌐 Certainly! The Lion Dance can be seamlessly integrated with other cultural performances, creating a diverse and engaging showcase that celebrates different traditions. Check out other CNY Performances available by PartyMojo and contact us for further inquiries today!

    Are there specific customs or preparations needed for a Lion Dance performance? 

    🎊 While the performers handle most preparations, it’s advisable to ensure a clear performance area and notify the Lion Dance team about any specific customs or preferences you’d like to incorporate into the performance.

    Terms & Conditions

    • All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are subjected to 8% GST.
    • For Non-Corporate: 100% payment payable to PartyMojo Pte Ltd as deposit to confirm the event.
    • For Corporate: Endorsement on invoice with organisation stamp to confirm the event.
    • Breakage and damages to any equipments will be charged to client accordingly.
    • All cheques are made payable to PARTYMOJO PTE LTD.
    • Payment can be made via bank transfer to: DBS current Acc 003-932293-3 Branch code: 7171-003.
    • PartyMojo now accepts PayNow! The QR Code can be found at the bottom of the invoice issued.
    • Late payment interest charge of 2% per month will be incurred after payment due date.
    • Postponing of event can only be done 5 working days prior to the event.
    • Postponing of the event is subjected to a $100 – $150 surcharge, subjected to availability.
    • Otherwise, the client can choose to cancel the event and deposit paid will be forfeited.
    • 50% of invoice charges if cancellation is made more than 5 working days before event time.
    • 100% of invoice charges if cancellation is made 5 working days before event time.