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15 Hilarious Comics About The Art of Parenting

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15 Hilarious Comics About The Art of Parenting

Parenting is a gift with lots and lots and lots of patience and endless tender loving care. Sometimes or at most times it can get pretty stressful! Having a good sense of humor to get you through tough times can help Mommy and Daddy overcome hard days.

Highs, lows, burps and farts from your little ones, cartoonists that know more than a thing or two about parenting, as parents themselves- help us through these exhausting times. Yet, knowing all parents are in it together, experiencing each phase (terrible 2’s), makes it all easier. Especially with a good laugh at the end of it all!

Check out our picks on 15 Hilarious Comics About the Art Of Parenting. All works done by Brian Gordon’s duck comics, Lunarbaboon, Nickmom, Tavis Maiden, Lynn Johnston and Optipess.

1. Waking up on Mother’s Day feels just like any other morning except with more kisses and surprises!


Image Source

2. Setting a world record of 8 outfit mishaps during an 11 hour shift on the weekend with the kids.

mom outfit

Image Source

3. When you prepped up a tasty chicken sandwich for lunch and, yup- the crusts..

brian gordon

Image Source

4. You’re glad they used the potty but oops.. they forgot one more thing!

potty funny

Image Source

5. Ah.. the reality of reading with an 8 year old.

toddler reading

Image Source

6. The “Mum, Can you help me to..” phrase. Breathe and be patient I tell myself.

mom funny comic

Image Source

7. That one time you ask your kid to help you find something. “Mom, Dad! I can’t find it.” No wonder they find us as ultimate detectives when we find it.

brian gordon find item

8. I am going to say it once and clear. Hide and go sleep.

stranger danger funny

Image Source

9. Father and Sons, influence is strong with this one. *Must resist to try anything*

lunarbaboon advice

Image Source

10. Sometimes Father’s can get a little competitive but we know our little ones love us both equally. (We hope so)

brian gordon dad

11. In a land of imagination, we wish birthday party themes could be according to Moms. Just once. *cross fingers*

mom birthday party funny

Image Source

12. For better or for worse, when the kids are on holiday break, it’s a month long time at work for all Moms.

holiday mom

Image Source

13. After all that meal and play time, they can’t help but fall asleep at the most random places!

toddler sleeping

Image Source

14. Sometimes the only way to get your kids into doing their homework, is to play them at their own game. Your inner trickster!

homework comic

Image Source

15. The sweet smell of a long day’s work and it’s time to unwind till… you.. Zzzzz

parenting time

Image Source

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