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Fann Wong's Baby Zed Has It All, Judge Yourself!

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Fann Wong's Baby Zed Has It All, Judge Yourself!

In an earlier post, we spoke about Prince George’s Peter Rabbit themed birthday bash. This time round, we’ll be sharing with you guys a celebrity child who was recently born on Singapore’s National Day 2014, after much anticipation from many Singaporean fans. This is none other than Christopher Lee and Fann Wong”s baby Zed, who has happily greeted the nation on August 9, 2014. Similar to many lovely parents, this celebrity couple has prepared an animal-themed room for their baby boy, Zed.  

Zed Baby 7

Source: Fann Wong”s Instagram @fannaiaiwong

The above animal themed baby room was posted on Fann’s Instagram account, garnering over 7000 likes from the popular celebrity’s fans and followers. The key highlights of the décor include the cheerful animal prints (hippo, giraffe, lion etc.) and a pair of rabbits floating freely in a hot-air balloon donned with flower patterns. Fann commented that this cheery green décor helps create a natural environment which is generally calming and conducive for young children.

Zed Baby 6Zed Baby 5

Source: Christopher Lee & Fann Wong”s Instagram(@alainbaby & @fannaiaiwong)

The couple has remained rather secretive about the baby’s gender and chose not to find out until the child’s birth date. Baby Zed online casino was born at Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital and within hours of his birth, more than 20 people have visited the new family to congratulate them. This famous celebrity couple have been dating for years before deciding to tie the knot in 2009, eventually announcing Fann’s pregnancy in February through Instagram.Party Mojo and many singaporeans (I’m sure) are very elated for their newborn baby. To celebrate Zed’s birth, the celebrity couple decided to hold an animal-themed party on August 11 at the Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital where the actress mum is currently warded. 

Zed Baby 1Zed Baby 2

Source: Fann Wong”s Instagram @fannaiaiwong

Fann Wong”s Baby Gifts!

Even before Baby Zed arrives, here are some super duper cute Mickey Onesies.

mickey onesies

Source: Fann Wong”s Instagram @fannaiaiwong

As many would have guessed, the birth of the young celebrity boy was highly anticipated by many others. There were gifts delivered to the celebrity couple even before the birth of the baby boy, such as the Fendi Kids wear set below. The tiny cute socks that were gifted to him were from Bonpoint, a French luxury childrenswear brand.

Zed Baby 4Zed Baby 3

Source: Fann Wong”s Instagram @fannaiaiwong

And guess what”s in for today:

gucci baby shirt

Source: Fann Wong”s Instagram @fannaiaiwong

To complement Fann’s nature-themed room décor, Party Mojo has some nature-inspired birthday ideas too!

Zed Baby 10

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