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Happy Birthday Jaylen!

Happy Birthday Jaylen!

Here at PartyMojo, we are all big fans of Jay Chou and his family. Other than playing Jay Chou’s songs on repeat, we are absolutely obsessed with baby Jaylen and sweet Hathaway! We love how close and endearing his family is, you can easily tell this from their matching outfits. As we keep up with the Jay-dasians daily, we spotted Jaylen’s birthday decorations and we are inspired! A birthday party can bring together all your closest friends and family members, and no party can ever be complete without decorations.

This beautiful, orange and white organic balloon arch brings out young Jaylen’s vitality, and provides a pop of brightness as the centrepiece of his birthday celebration. We noticed organic balloon arches becoming all the rage regardless of the occasion being celebrated in recent years. Inspired by this, the lightbulbs in our heads never shone brighter. If we named this stunning balloon arch, it’d surely be “告白气球” Confession Balloons (pun intended).

Do you like Jaylen’s birthday decorations and want to have a beautiful organic arch for your party as well? If so, we are the ideal candidates to do it for you! Maybe you are going for a classy vibe for your party — we have the perfect solution for you, with our Elegance Decoration Package.

Tiffany Blue

Victoria’s Secret

Angel’s Dream

You can fully customise how your balloon arch will look like! You can choose the balloons’ colour combination and the types of balloon material. Not only that, you can even add flowers and artificial leaves to your heart’s desires. You can combine any of these options to express your own personal flair or to suit your birthday party’s theme.

The balloon organic arch can be done as part of our signature Elegance Decoration package. The Elegance party package consists of the following: organic balloon arch, a fully customised round backdrop, elegant cake display tables and the setup and tearing down services. Our Elegance package starts at $1000 for a comprehensive party setup.

Not sure what the PartyMojo team can do? Come enquire with us now! Even though the skill to making the perfect balloon arch is 不能说的秘密 (An Untold Secret) but if you want a beautiful grand organic arch in Singapore, you can always count on us to do it. 

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