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5 Easy Party Games to play on your Kids Party!

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5 Easy Party Games to play on your Kids Party!

5 Easy and Fun Party Games to play on your Kids Party!

You have chose the theme of the party and got all the cake, decorations and invitation sorted but you will want to have exciting party games planned to keep the kids entertained. Devising competitive game for kids will be daunting as kids don’t know the concept of sportsmanship and feelings will usually be hurt when they lose.  Here are eight great easy party games by PartyMojo to help you to get the party going and keep everyone in a celebratory mood. Always remember to incorporate the games around the party’s theme.

1. Scavenger’s Hunt

Follow the theme of your kid’s birthday party; you can hide treasure chest full of chocolates and candies in the backyard if it’s a pirate theme. The hunt can take place anywhere; mall, a park, school or around your house. There are different ways in doing the hunt. For example you can sketch out a map and give them clue such as pictures of the location of the hidden treasure or kids can bring their own digital camera or phones to take pictures the wanted list of items and whoever finds the most items is the winner. The difficulty of the game depends on you; you can hide them in places that they can spot or give them clues or maps on the location of the hidden treasure.

2. Musical Chair

This classic game works wonder for kids of different ages. With few tweaks, you will be even tempted to join in the fun too. For kids of age 2 to 8, you can try the ‘no-lose’ musical chair. Basically the child that can’t find a chair to sit on when the music stops has to sit on a friend’s lap. This goes on until all the kids are all on one single chair. You can increase the competitiveness of the game by set a rule that the kids need to have a lollipop and a chair to stay in the game. Throw a handful of lollipops each time you stop the game. Try choose songs that go with the party’s theme to get the kids into the theme mood.

3. Dress Up Obstacle Relay Race

Get all the kids dressed up or put on some face paint. Lay a large piece of bubble wrap (6-foot piece) in an open space and have the kids cross the bubble wrap barefoot without popping any of the bubbles. Include some tasks at the end of their race to make the game more interesting. The task can be apply nail polish, hula hoops or kick a football into the goal. Line up three row to make the game more competitive. Make sure to create an age-appropriate task for your kids and remember to give a gold medal to the winner of the race.

4. Freeze Dance

This is generally the best game to involve everyone in your party; the kids, the parents and maybe even grandparents. Raise the volume up and let everyone shake to their groove and show-off their dancing skills. Stop the music while everyone is enjoying the dance and the person that still boogying after the music stops are eliminated from the game. Keep the game going until there is only one person remains. Give out prizes for the winner, the best dancer or even the dancer with the silliest dancing skills ever. This game will get all the kids giggling around the whole time.

5. Mummy Wrap

This game will need the help of moms at the party. Divide all the kids into different groups and ask them to choose the mom that they want to wrap rolls and rolls of toilet paper around. This is a really fun game that involves the parents and the kids.The winner will be the group that wrap their mummy the fastest. You can incorporate this game into Halloween-themed party or Mummies theme.

With a little bit of creativity,planning and tweaks to classic game, your party will be more memorable and enjoyed by your kid and guest that attend your kid birthday party.

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