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Christmas Events And Activities 2024


The Ultimate Live Food Stations for your Christmas Events, specially curated for your cosy festive celebration! Great for both indoor and outdoor events, office celebrations, close group parties and others! This year, PartyMojo bring to you our new Food Stations; Scandinavian Hotdog Station, Torched Mentaiko Fries and Spam Fries Station! All prices includes delivery and set up to your event venue!

  • Premium Hotdog Station
  • Premium Hotdog Station

Experience the sizzle and delight of our Hotdog Bun Live Station at your next event! Our succulent chicken sausages, nestled in soft, fluffy buns, are grilled to perfection right before your eyes.

  • Mentaiko Fries (Torched)

Witness the artistry as we torch golden fries to perfection, infusing them with rich and savory mentaiko goodness. Crispy, creamy, and bursting with umami goodness.

  • Spam Fries Live Station

Indulge in the crispy delight of our Spam Fries Live Food Station – a carnival of flavor at your fingertips!

  • Truffle Mashed Potato Live Food Station

Indulge in luxury at our Truffle Mashed Potato Live Food Station. Customize with shredded cheese, green onion, ham, sweet corn, fried garlic, and luscious sour cream!

  • Christmas Donut Wall Singapore

Decked out in red and green festive colours, our Christams Donut wall is fully brandable with your corporate logos. Comes complete with chocolate fondue station.

Waffles are freshly prepared and cut into 2 triangles to represent the tree! For Christmas, we provide 4 types of sauces: Maple Syrup, Chocolate Sauce, Strawberry Syrup and White Chocolate! End it off with 2 toppings, Honey Stars and Rainbow Sprinkles!

Taste the magic and have some festive inspired treats with PartyMojo! Created to celebrate the Christmas festive mood, our Christmas Popcorns is made love and a pinch of blue magical powder! Our popcorn flavour is Raspberry!

Christmas is all about feasting and bonding with your family! We cannot forget dessert?! Treat yourselves and your guests this Christmas with our Dessert Table in Christmas Theme! You can never be too full for dessert, can you?

Where tradition meets taste. Savor the timeless goodness of tender, savory turkey ham. Vegetable and Condiments provided.

Make your event a culinary sensation with our Live Carvery Station. Elevate the festive spirit with expertly carved meats, adding a touch of spectacle and savory delight to your celebration. 🍖🎉✨

This Switzerland originated raclette cheese dish is now available at your events! Served with baby potatoes and drizzled with Swiss Cheese, it’s perfect for Christmas! What’s better, it is free flow based on the duration of your booking!

  • Christmas Barista Coffee Station

Special Christmas Edition for our Barista Station – Red Velvet Hot Choc station and Special Christmas Latte! Popular for that year end Christmas Celebration in office!

  • instant hot choc

Get that warm, cozy feeling beside the fireplace with PartyMojo this Christmas! Enjoy a hot and steamy cup of hot chocolate drink topped with marshmallows and drizzled with chocolate syrup!

Tangy, refreshing and fruity, perfect for Christmas! PartyMojo’s Christmas Punch offers a unique blend of cranberry, pineapple, orange and lemon soda! Drink will be served from cambro drink dispensers.

It always amazes kids when the magician pulls out a rabbit from an empty bag or a string of lights out of his mouth! This Christmas, we brought in more Special Props just for your guests to enjoy! The magic show is suitable for children of ages 3 to 6.

30 mins of Kids Interactive Comedy Magic Show

Truly Astounding, our Magician makes use of LED screens to produce mind-blowing illusions! This Christmas, watch the live birds carry out their performance with special props! Suitable for children and adults of all ages!

30 mins of Live Animal Magic Show

No better way to greet the Christmas season with Christmas Carols! Invite a group of talented singers with the most soothing voice to get in the mood! Sway your body to the jingles and soak in the perfect festive atmosphere!

5 – 10 in a group

What’s Christmas without Santa! This Christmas, come arrange for a meeting with Santa and his diligent Santarinas! Let the kids tell Santa their wish list or simiply have Santa to give out candycanes!

Stilt walkers are tall, pretty and gets lots of attention and photo opportunities! They are perfect for your celebration! Our stilt walkers include Reindeer, Santa, Santarina, Elves!

Enjoy 30mins of comedy and engaging Puppet Show entertainment for kids of any age! For Christmas, our puppet show teller will dress along with the Christmas festive!


The one-stop destination for your Christmas decoration needs! Create the magical atmosphere of Winter Wonderland for your Christmas event this year! These decorations are suitable and will definitely brighten up your function rooms, office pantry and even open spaces! Enquire with us today!
christmas decorations

Don’t miss out the chance to have a balloon arch for your Christmas party! Choose up to 3 colours for your basic balloon arch for a spiral design or opt for a bright and beautiful rainbow balloon arch!

Have a design in mind or looking for something more majestic? You can even customise your own balloon arch to suit your own Christmas theme! Show us a sample image and we will try to do it!

PartyMojo’s Christmas Balloon Tree comes with a gold star and around the height of 1.8meters! Balloon Christmas Trees comes with colourful ornaments or you can request for other colours!

Balloon Art Installation

Balloon installations that will certainly have heads turning. Kids love them and these balloon art installations are often photo opportunities! Get the Christmas vibe with these balloon art installation!

Christmas is not complete without a Christmas Tree! Our Christmas Tree comes with a gold star and is about the height of 1.8meters! They come with colourful ornaments too!

Have a whole area of the office to decorate? Don’t know how? PartyMojo is here! Our experts can install fully decorated Christmas Trees with wall and table decorations with garlands and buntings.


Christmas hama beads are a great art and craft activity that trains those like fingers and their patience! Follow our hama bead template of a Snowman, Santa, Reindeer, Christmas sock and many more!

Do you want to build a snowman? Is it really possible to have snow in Singapore? YES! It is possible! Kids get to mix a packet of instant snow with TADA! Snow! Next up, pinch and decorate it to create their own mini snowmen!

Out of ideas for this Christmas? Why not let your kids make their very own Santa and Friends! Unleash their creativity and let them be their very own storyteller with their Christmas edition finger puppets!

It isn’t Christmas without Santa! Create Santa’s signature puffy look and exericise your creativity as the kids customise Santa’s look. Requiring minimal assistance, this art and craft activity is perfect for the little ones!

Always wanted a Christmas tree in your home? Then this beautiful paper craft is perfect! The tree can be customized with different colours and embellishments so every child can create their own unique looking Christmas tree!

Inspired by the Toy Story Forky, we have our own Spoon Snowman craft! Create your very own Spoony Snowmen Christmas Decoration with recycled materials! Kids get to decorate and draw the face of Spoony and give it a second life.

There’s no point of Santa visiting if there’s no stocking to collect his presents! With this easy and interactive art and craft, kids get to make your very own DIY christmas socks! Make it attractive so that Santa comes!

A beautiful hat, with a star to top it all off! Make a DIY Christmas felt hat and design it to your preference! Explore your creativity with this fun and easy Art and craft now. Create the most unique Christmas Hat at your party!

Running out of different things to customise your Christmas trees to get in the mood? Then why not make your very own DIY Felt Hanging Ornament! Fun and easy to create, make your Christmas trees stand out with this one and only ornaments!

Bring the beautiful essence of winter into your home all year round with this fun make-your-own snow globes craft! Make this snow globe craft with a Christmas character such as Santa or Reindeer or Snowman inside the snow globe!

With multiple colour options, kids get to fill in the tote bag stencil with bright colours and wait for abit to let it dry! This craft is also sustainable to our environment as we can reuse this tote bag to cut down on our plastic usage!

Love our Christmas art & craft stations but don’t have the logistics? Fret not! Your all rounder event provider got it covered! Need Kids Table & Chairs for your event? You can rent it from us with a package price at $190 for 4 tables and 20 chairs!


This Christmas, be any character you want for, be it Santa, his elves or a Reindeer! Here’s your chance to be Elsa from Frozen too!  Call us at PartyMojo now to make your dreams come true!

  • 1 Table & 2 Chairs
  • Table Cloth Optional

Are the Face Painting easy to wash off?

Yes, the face painting kits are all water-based and can be easily washed off with warm water.

Will it do damage to my child’s skin?

No, we use Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skin, fragrance-free and non-toxic!

How many kids can you paint in an hour?

Our Face Painter can paint 15 to 20 face paintings in an hour depending on the complexity of the face painting that the kids chose.

Christmas Glitter Tattoo

Forget those cheap and traditional stick-on tattoos! These are applied with a stencil, brush and body glitter; a brilliant activity that gives kids a piece of wearable art.

  • 1 Table & 2 Chairs
  • Table Cloth Optional

How many kids can get their tattoos done in an hour?
Our artists can tattoo 15 to 20 kids in an hour. It takes 3 – 5 minutes to get one tattoo done, depending on the size of the tattoo and also the complexity of the design!

How long can a glitter tattoo last?
Glitter tattoo can last for around 3 to 7 days. It can be removed with scrubbing off. It is waterproof and durable on most occasion. You can still swim or shower with a glitter tattoo on. This also makes glitter tattoo extremely popular at pool parties!

How is a Glitter Tattoo applied?

We will stick a vinyl stencil to the skin, apply a thin layer of body glue, followed by the glitter and lastly remove the stencil!

Are glitter tattoos safe?
All products used are FDA approved and hypoallergenic. The glue used to apply the tattoos is a gentle, non-toxic, latex-free cosmetic glue made specifically for use on skin.

Christmas Air Brush Tattoo

A Christmas Outfit is not complete without accessories!  Get some airbrush tattoo to complete the look! It’s certainly memorable as our temporary airbrush tattoo lasts for days!

  • 1 Table & 2 Chairs
  • Table Cloth Optional

How many kids can get their tattoos in an hour?
Our artists can tattoo 15 to 20 kids in an hour. It takes 3 – 5 minutes to get one tattoo done, depending on the size of the tattoo and also the complexity of the design!

What are the colors available?
Airbrush tattoos are available only in black ink.

How long will the air brush tattoos last?
They will last between 2 – 5 days. It can be removed with scrubbing off. It is waterproof and durable on most occasion.

Is it painful?
Though it had the same effect as tattoo, however the whole procedure is totally pain-less and safe.

Christmas Caricature

What’s a party without pictures for memories! Make this Christmas more memorable with your own caricature drawing! The drawing would be drawn on Christmas themed paper to enhance the holiday feels!

  • 1 Table & 2 Chairs
  • Table Cloth Optional

How many art pieces can one artist draw in an hour?

One artist can draw around 10 – 12 pieces in an hour!

I have 100 guests to cater for in an hour, can it be done?

Yes absolutely! This can be done by adding on more artists (with a charge). Call our friendly sales staff to enquire today!

What is required from me if I hire the Caricaturist from PartyMojo?

Simply provide us with 1 table and 2 chairs and we’re good to go! Don’t worry, table rental are available at only $20!

Can we have a customised caricature with our company/brand logo on it?

Yes definitely! We can provide customised paper with your company/brand logo on it and the artist can draw on them during the event

Can the caricature be drawn on other mediums other than paper?

Yes! We can print them on other mediums such as keychains, mugs, totebags and many more. Call us to enquire today!

Henna Diwali

Henna Tattoo

Henna is not only historical and cultural, it is also immensely beautiful. Best of all? It’s semi-permanent. Henna’s timeless elegance allows it to complement any outfit and look. Indulge in traditional body art with us!

  • 1 Table & 2 Chairs
  • Table Cloth Optional

What are the colors available?

Natural Henna colour (dark or light brown depending on how it sets on your skin).

How long will the henna tattos last?

They will last between 5 – 14 days depending on your daily activities! If you exercise and use body scrub more, it will last shorter.

Is it painful?

Our henna artist uses all natural henna that is harmless to skin and henna tattoo is absolutely painless!

How many people can get their henna tattoos in an hour?

Roughly about 10-12 tattoos in an hour, each henna takes around 3 – 5 mins to draw. However, if you want more to be done with limited hours, you can always request for simpler designs to be drawn or have more henna tatoo artists at your event!

Christmas Balloon Sculpting

Bring Rudolph the reindeer and Santa to your guests! Not only do you get to watch meaningless shapes turn into something awesome, you get to keep them too! Le your child watch this wonder and keep a specially crafted balloon sculpture!

  • 1 Table
  • Table Cloth Optional

Only Flowers & Swords again?

We know, we know. Many a time you have seen too many similar sculptures at friend’s or neighbour’s aunty party. But classics never fail to entertain kids, akin to glistering eyes when kid meets candies. However, we always strive to work on these classics to be innovative 🙂 On top of these, we do screen our balloon artists to make sure they are A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Can you do Christmas related Balloon Sculptors?

Yes we can! Simply let us know in advance and we can arrange for the balloonist to make santa hats, reindeer, penguins and many more!

Can themed cartoon characters be made?

As themed party characters normally take longer time and more effort, it is excluded in this standard rate. We do have premium cartoon character rates at S$250 / hour subjected to 15 themed characters. This is also to guarantee at least every kid has a balloon sculpture.

How many balloon sculptors per hour?

Our balloonist can create 15 – 20 balloon sculptors per hour depending on the complexity of the design requested.


Christmas is not complete without PartyMojo’s Christmas Carnival Game Booths! Our Chirstmas theme game booths are always a highlight during Christmas parties! Both kids and adults absoluetly love them. Get these awesome game booths at only $150 per booking, regardless of hours! What’s better? Add on prizes to up your game! and if you need manpower to man the booths, we got you covered! *Hurry! For a limited time only!*

Santa Hat Ring Toss

Game players have 3 tries to toss the hoops over Santa’s Hat to win!

  • 3ft by 3ft table
  • 2M x 2M space

Feed the Reindeer

Kids have 3 tries to throw the ball at the Reindeer’s mouth to feed it!

  • 3ft by 3ft table
  • 2M x 2M space

Snowball Toss

Game players have 3 tries to topple all 6 Snowmen to win!

  • 3ft by 3ft table
  • 2M x 2M space

Shoot the Presents

Using a NERF gun, aim and shoot down as many presents as possible!

  • 3ft by 3ft table
  • 2M x 2M space

Match the Socks

Game players have 5 tries to throw ping pong balls to match 2 colours to win!

  • 3ft by 3ft table
  • 2M x 2M space

Candy Cane Hook

Use the stick and hook up the candy canes! Try to get as many as you can!

  • 3ft by 3ft table
  • 2M x 2M space

Want to top up for game prizes and manpower to mend the games booths? Or want more game booths? Contact us to find out more!

Christmas Team Bonding

Christmas Games Night

Virtual Games Night

Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Christmas

Virtual Escape Room


Virtual Reality (VR)

Enjoy a wide selection of awesome VR games for everyone this Christmas! Our wide variety of VR games include: Beat Saber, Danger Ball and many more for you to enjoy during this festive season!

  • 2M x 2M space
  • 1 x Dedicated 3-pin power socket

Basketball Machine

Fulfil your professional basketballer dreams this Christmas with PartyMojo’s Basketball Arcade Machines! Get competitive and challenge your friends for a match of the best basketball shooter!

  • 2.4m (L) x 1.2m (W) x 2.5m (H)
  • 1 x Dedicated 3-pin power socket

Claw Machine

PartyMojo’s Christmas Claw Machine is perfect for prize-giving and audience interaction! Customise the gift to be included! Capsule balls, plush toys or vouchers etc! Enquire with us for more details!

  • 1m (L) x 1m (W) x 2.2m (H)
  • 1 x Dedicated 3-pin power socket


Christmas Goodie Bags

It’s the season of giving! Give the kids something to bring home from the event! What’s included in the Christmas Goodie Bag? Inside the Christmas Paper Bag you will find 1 Kids Santa Hat, Christmas Treats and 1 Special Christmas Item!

Emcee & Sound System

Looking for someone to hype up your event? Don’t fret over who to host! Our talented and experienced emcees are able to host your upcoming Christmas event! We also have professional sound system to go with your emcee, providing the best visual and audio effects for your event!

Christmas Photobooth

Look at the camera and strike a pose! Instant print photobooth comes with serveral print sizes and Christmas theme props! Gather your friends and head on over to preserve your Christmas Party memories with Christmas Photobooth!

Professional Photography

Safe keep your memories from your Christmas celebrations with professional photography! Our photographer will rove around your celebration and capture moments of the Christmas festive!

PartyMojo’s Carnival Food Stalls

Christmas Activities are Most Suitable For

Our Corporate Clients

corporate care packs

Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

  • All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are subjected to 8% GST.
  • A 100% full payment is required to confirm the booking.
  • Breakage and damages to any equipments will be charged to client accordingly.
  • A transport surcharge of $30 is applicable for the following venues: Changi, Tuas, Sentosa, Turf city.
  • All cheques are made payable to PARTYMOJO PTE LTD.
  • Payment can be made via bank transfer to: DBS current Acc 003-932293-3 Branch code: 7171-003.
  • PartyMojo now accepts PayNow! The QR Code can be found at the bottom of the invoice issued.

Postpone & Cancellations

  • Postponing of event can only be done 5 working days prior to the event.
  • 50% of invoice charges if cancellation is made more than 5 working days before event time.
  • 100% of invoice charges if cancellation is made 5 working days before event time.

Other Terms

  • PartyMojo will not be liable for cleaning up of any mess created by the activities/party guests.
  • PartyMojo reserves the right to cease the party immediately if the client verbally abuses any of our staffs. In the event that the client’s guest verbally abuses a PartyMojo staff, PartyMojo staff will inform the client immediately. If the abuse does not cease, PartyMojo reserves the right to leave the event immediately.