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Read these impt tips to stay cool for your kids party

Home/Kids Party Guide in SG, Kids Party Ideas!/Read these impt tips to stay cool for your kids party

Read these impt tips to stay cool for your kids party

Back in those days when we were kids, our birthdays were just simple family gathering and birthday cake to celebrate the “important” date of our life. As time goes by, kids” birthday parties have become much more elaborate and we as parents can easily become overwhelmed by all the effort and energy required to host the perfect party for our precious little ones at home. Here are some tips from me to help you stay in sane and enjoy the wonderful moment with your kids.

1. Don”t get too excited

First step is to set realistic expectations of the required involvement, commitment, creativity and budget from you to host your kid”s birthday party as it”s very easy for us to dream up scenarios that include full orchestra and circus troupe. With these expectations, you can choose whether to host the birthday party at home or outside. If you are enthusiastic with event planning and willing to showcase your creative mind and culinary skills, I suggest you to throw the party at home. However if you want to spare yourself from the headache of planning and cleaning up, you can outsource to kids” party planning company as they cost the same amount of money as planning it yourself at home. Also it saves the time and you get to enjoy the party with your kids.

2. Start early

Set your theme and get started as early as around five weeks before the big day to plan even a simple party. Party activities, decoration, cake and favors are things that you need to consider once you chose your theme. Planning in advance will also give your kid a chance to change their mind from pirate parties to a superhero theme. Get your kid involved with you in the planning of games and decoration of the party.

3. Focus on the kids

Remember to focus on catering the kids since the day is their important day where they get to enjoy and have fun. Choose the time of the day where your kid is most energetic and will enjoy the entire party. I recommend keeping the party to 90 minutes or maximum 2 hours, as any longer than that; kids will have higher possibility of meltdown. Regarding the choice of food, pizza and cake are the popular food choice for kid.

4. Send the invitation early

Send out the invitation at least four weeks before your party as parents schedule are busy nowadays. Also include an RSVP date 10 days prior to your party for your guest so that you know the ultimate number of guest in order to plan the amount of food and favors required. Keep track of your guests” responses and send out reminder email to parents that have not RSVP.

5. Ideas

If you are struggling with ideas regarding the theme of the birthday party, go to social networking site like Pinterest. They are the best place to scavenge for ideas. Make use of them! You will be able to find the most wonderful decorated cakes and amazing ideas on how to decorate your house for the special birthday party.

6. Enjoy and have fun

Lastly the most important tip; enjoy and have fun with your kid as they are getting a year older and soon they might be planning their own birthday parties as time goes by so fast. Remember not to stress yourself out on the day!!

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